Matchmaker Devora Alouf
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”
— Helen Keller

Our sages say that to find a mate is as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea. For a person with a disability it can feel like mission-impossible. Each soul has another soul created by Hashem waiting for them to connect to each other.

“Everyone deserves love and the right to be happy.”

Disabled men and woman are considered to be on a very high spiritual level. A great sage “The Chazon Ish” would stand up in reverence for these challenged persons when they would enter a room. He recognized that these men and women with challenges must be on the highest level since they obviously needed so much less, in order to actualize their potential.

Our mission to facilitate connections among Jewish singles with disabilities is based on our commitment to the Jewish tradition of “Tzedakah”.

Jewish Singles With Special Needs ( makes a positive difference in the lives of Jewish singles that face many challenges. Our non-profit organization offers this service to the Jewish community completely free of charge.

As a result of our efforts Jewish singles with special needs are no longer alone. We help them to connect to each other, find their soul mate and build Jewish homes.

We need strength and courage to understand the infinite value of one lone Jew.

“No Jew is too small,
No effort too big,
No result insignificant.”

— The Rebbe