Matchmaker Devora Alouf
There is a wonderful story of a poor farmer who lived under the rule of a miserable poritz in medieval Europe. The evil landowner provided minimal shelter in exchange for a large portion of the farmer’s profits. The farmer and his wife toiled under the most severe conditions to support their family with a few chickens that laid eggs and a cow that gave milk.

Ultimately, time took its toll and hardship became the norm. The farmer and his wife had their bitter routine and never hoped for better.

One day, the farmer came back from the market quite upset. “What’s the matter?” cried out his wife. “You look as if the worst calamity has happened.” “It has,” sighed the anxious farmer. “They say in the market that Moshiach is coming. He will take us all to the land of Israel. What will be of our cow and our chickens? Where will we live? Who will provide shelter for us? Oy! What is going to be?”

His wife, who was steeped with faith in the Almighty, answered calmly. “Don’t worry my dear husband, the good Lord always protects His people. He saved us from Pharaoh in Egypt. He redeemed us from the evil Haman and has protected us from harsh decrees throughout our exile. No doubt, He will protect us from this Moshiach, too!”

Often in life, whether by choice or by chance, we enter into situations we ought not to be in. As time progresses, we get accustomed to the situation, and our worst enemy becomes change. We must tell the Pharaoh within each of us, “Let my people go!” Let us not continue on the comfortable path, but rather get on the correct one. It is your responsibility to make the change.

Many singles know what it is like to feel disillusioned, burned out, hurt from the dating experience, negative stereotypes, game playing, casual dating, shopping around, serious commitment phobia, being off the market and on the market.

Still there is a yearning to find the one, to know that you were meant for each other; to love and be loved unconditionally, to appreciate and be appreciated, and to make a real and meaningful connection.